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Hi beauty, Peggy here!

We haven't met, but I'm thankful you've landed on my website. 

My name is Peggy, a Sydney based photographer who documents real moments between lovers, families and fur babies (let's not leave them out!) I'm a Marketer by day and a daydreamer about my next adventure and photography project by night. Golden hour, is my twice daily dose of caffeine and nature is my canvas.  Oh did I mention...I love a bit of an adventure so i'm not bounded by Sydney. 

To photograph genuine, beautiful, heart wrenching moments, I don't want to just show up with a camera and shoot because anyone can do that. I want to give more than that and build a two way relationship (or be that third wheeler). That way we create memories together and these photos will be more than just a photo.

If you're ready to create long lasting beautiful memories together, share your story and say Hi! here


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